About Us

We generate high quality, unique leads for businesses of all shapes & sizes.

From household energy brands to boutique financial advisors, our leads generate immediate ROI and are entirely scalable.

Your Problem...

People’s habits have changed, but lead generators haven’t. Industries lag behind in approaches to customer generation. Clients are constantly online, but the industry remains stuck in face-to-face and complex referral agreements. Internal teams often lack the skills & time to effectively market financial services products online.


Coupling big data and technology with outstanding digital marketing, we generate engaged leads that are affordable, scalable & entirely unique.

An honest story...

We strive to utilise machine learning, big data and We worked for 10 years in the digital space, running one of the UK’s largest SEO agencies and an AI SEO software. Certain clients needed a faster way to generate new business, so we mapped out a new multi-channel format to quickly generate new, interested prospects without breaking the bank.

We got interested in data and psychology, layered it all up, and developed a unique methodology using data, insights & marketing experience.and profitably for our customers.

Pay Per Lead

We don’t charge fees. We sell the leads we generate at fixed costs per lead. This allows campaigns to be infinitely scalable and managers to source the optimum amount of leads to keep sales teams performing at their peak.

How we work

Phase One

Initially, we’ll consult you on your lead generation & ask a lot of questions about your target prospects. We then go away, do our research & run our data sets. We come back with personas, a target CPL & suggested test budget.

Phase Two

We then build out micro sites, campaign collateral and run the whole show across multiple channels. We maximise your budget to deliver as many leads as feasible & automatically port them straight into your CRM.

Phase Three

After our initial test, we sit down together, analyse what meaningful ROI you have seen from your initial test budget & flesh out a weekly spend that works for your business. We consistently refine the process and scale campaigns quickly.

Finding the target

The key initial point of any of our campaigns is to work out who your ideal target prospect is. To do this, we’ll consult your sales team; work out what the target looks like on your side; and then go away and research. Using big data, we create multiple personas of the target, correlated with our own data sets. We then categorise the interests of these personas using our data sets and set up the campaign from there.

Who is the target?

What interests do they have?

Where do they hang out online?

Acquiring New Prospects

Once we have researched and planned, we build out an ecosystem of microsites that appeal to your target personas interests. We place ourselves in front of them, appealing to their interests & driving behaviour. We drive quality traffic, from multiple channels, to these sites and talk with the targets natively in social networks. Once a target has confirmed they would like to speak with your business, we share that lead with you automatically, straight into your CRM. We do not share leads more than once. Every lead we generate is unique and one-off.

Refine and Repeat

We are constantly asking questions about lead quality and do necessitate that feedback is given on the quality and outcomes of all opportunities generated. We then consistently and proactively refine the leads to make sure the conversations that you are having are aligned and more likely to close.

Due to our big data methodology, we can then infinitely scale campaigns whilst maintaining lead quality.

What makes us so honest?

Staying Ethical

We source leads through a clear, consensual process removing manipulated data, false promises and false expectations from the customer acquisition journey.

Being Honest

From voicing concerns to writing ad copy, we encourage and support honesty and openness across the business.

Always Delivering

With all of our work, we do what we promise and hold the quality of our work to the highest standards.

We Work Smarter

If we can automate a task, remove bloat or shave hours of our timesheets, we will. We’re constantly looking for ways to stay ahead of the game.

Move quickly

Our time, our clients time and our leads time is valuable. We make sure we’re never sitting still, ambling along or resting on our laurels.

Celebrate winning

We’re here to do the best we can and when we do we give everyone involved the credit, glory and celebration they deserve.

Let's start creating your business new leads

Lasso generate high quality, solus B2B & B2C leads specialising in high net worth individuals, home, health and finance.