Data Driven Customer Acquisition Funnel

26th May 2022 |

Here at Lasso, we are entirely focused on data. Our carefully curated data driven customer acquisition funnel provides clear strategy and foresight into our campaigns.

Market Research 

We take pride in being informed at every step of the lead generation process. We perform analysis of competitors, the industry, audiences, and consumer environments to develop a holistic overview before we dive into strategy.


Using our research, we identify key profiles that aim to attract potential leads across our network. Maximising your spend and boosting your lead potential.

  1. Design & Attract

We design brand congruent assets that target pain points of potential consumers, generating initial interest with high impact creatives.


We continuously analyse campaign data and develop insights into audiences and contextual backdrops to make sure your leads always scale up.

Gather Info & Qualify

We carefully amass our leads using specialised messaging and funnels, ensuring that we only gather the right people.

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