How Do You Find Good Leads?

26th May 2022 |

Leads can be defined as a potential customer or client who have expressed interest in your product or service. They can be gathered in a mixture of different ways, either by a third party or by organic and paid traffic.

Use A Lead Generation Agency, Such As Lasso

The easiest way to generate leads is to get the experts to do it for you. Lead Generation agencies know the best channels, platforms, messaging, and targeting strategies to gather and qualify leads for your business.

Agencies such as Lasso will also create custom content such as websites, ads, and editorials to increase your brand exposure across their network.

However, if you’d like to generate your own leads here are some steps you can follow:

Define Your Audience

The first step should be identifying your potential consumers’ wants and needs. Take a look at your product or service and consider the demographics, such as age, gender, income, or geolocation.

You can then start to consider a hook that would lead that specific consumer to your product or service.

Once you’ve defined your audience, you’ll then need to research where they hang out online, and the messaging needed to advertise to them.

Consider Your Digital Reach

First thing first, you should have a well-designed website for potential leads to land on. Ensure that an effective hook is prevalent, the site is easy to navigate, and a lead form or contact button is easily accessible.

For organic traffic; you should employ some SEO so that your site is easily accessible from Bing/Google/Ecosia etc. You should also keep any social media profiles active by posting often and including links in the content.

For paid traffic; choose your paid channels to suit your product, whether it be Facebook, TikTok or Google Ads. Make sure your product is suitable for that channel and that the content/messaging is relevant. You can read our social media insights here

For both, you should have the appropriate tracking set up to monitor engagement, visitor behaviour, and conversions.

Optimise Your Digital Campaigns

Using insights gathered from Google Analytics or other platforms, you can:

  1. Assess if your audience targeting is effective
  2. Monitor behaviour flows on your landing pages
  3. Re-evaluate spend on paid channels

After monitoring the results of your channels and optimising regularly, you should start to see more and more leads trickling in from your landing pages.

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