How Do You Generate Quality Leads?

26th May 2022 |

If your digital campaigns or website is pulling in interest but you’re not reaching the right customers; start from the beginning to determine the issue.


Align Your Messaging With Customer Demand


The first step is to take another look at your target audience. Have their needs changed? Does your content resonate with them? Is your messaging confusing?

Typically, ad messaging needs to be short, snappy, and sweet. If your campaigns are gathering interest but no leads – it might suggest that users like what they see on the initial ad, but are surprised to find out that the product or service on your website is slightly different to what was expected.

Ensure that you have identified the wants and needs of your potential customers, and develop a USP based on your research.


Add Qualifiers To Your Leads


If you’re looking for specific types of consumers, consider asking as much information as you can – without inundating the potential customer with too many questions – on your lead forms. Asking the appropriate questions can determine if a customer is suitable for your product.

This can also lessen the workload on your sales team if they can determine whether or not a lead is ‘warm’ before picking up the phone.


Keep An Eye On Where You’re Spending Your Campaign Budget


If you’re having issues with spam numbers, spoof emails, and fake names in your leads; consider checking your ad network for odd targeting or consider employing contextual brand safety on your digital campaigns.


If You’re Starting From Scratch – Hire A Lead Generation Agency


If you want quality leads but aren’t interested in DIY, you can hire a lead generation agency such as Lasso to do all the hard work.

As experts in customer acquisition, they can provide unique leads and custom insights into potential consumers’ behaviour.

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