How SolarSmart used our leads to grow during Covid-19.

26th May 2022 |


SolarSmart enables Irish homeowners to generate, utilise and profit from their own electricity supply from sunlight. They design solar systems with a core focus on getting the best return from their clients investment in solar.

SolarSmart’s usual serviceable area had been disrupted by the ongoing pandemic and they reached out to us to come up with a way of maintaining business enquiries in specific areas.

Within 5 days we were able to create a steady stream of over 15 geolocated leads a day, straight into their CRM, whilst creating an automated communication flow to keep leads warm.


We were able to construct an accurate image of the prospective market size and opportunity within each isolated serviceable area. We then used existing campaign data to guide our asset and creative selection.

Running over one ad channel, we have been able to generate hundreds of warm leads a week whilst automating the time-heavy, laborious aspects of the initial digital customer journey.


SolarSmart’s investment has already generated over 100x the value in pipeline opportunities which continues to grow daily.

In a difficult situation, SolarSmart has had to make tough decisions about where they can operate and how their business needs to run. Within a week, we were able to create a healthy and sustainable source of opportunities for them, flexed around the complications that operating during the pandemic has created. We look forward to watching SolarSmart help Irish homeowners benefit from sunlight.

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