How we generated over £1m of investment with £20,000 of ad spend

26th May 2022 |


Technology Minerals Limited are the UK’s first circular economy for battery recycling. They will play a crucial role in the mass adoption of electronic vehicles. When we first spoke with Technology Minerals we were impressed with their structure and business focus. Technology Minerals will be the first and only company in the UK to extract the raw materials required for Li-Ion battery cathodes and then help solve the associated ecological issues attached to the industry by recycling them for reuse by battery manufacturers.

Technology Minerals wanted to raise £3m pre-IPO to fastrack their growth and increase their market share. They employed us to source leads from genuine high-net-worth and sophisticated investors who were willing to invest a minimum of £10,000 initially into their pre-IPO.

We began generating investment leads for Technology Minerals in November 2020 which have already generated over £1,000,000 of investment for the company within 2 months.


Primarily, we needed to profile and research our target investor. Given that this raise was only open to high-net-worth and sophisticated investors, we used our datasets to create a picture of the size of the target audience and refined this further based on demographic and financial income data.

We then created 3 different web assets tailored to different taste patterns we had noticed from our research. These correlated with the 3 core concepts of Technology Minerals’ business (mining, recycling and manufacturing).

We programmed specific ad targeting across a wide range of online marketing channels and fuelled different channels with legitimate data to heighten our targeting. After initial testing, we refined our ad strategy and were able to generate between 10 and 40 qualified leads per day.

We also worked closely with the fabulous people in Technology Minerals’ Investor Relations department. We automated immediate lead transfer across to their CRM to ensure prospects were able to find the information they needed to, when they wanted to, at the point of enquiry. Alongside this, we assisted in automating an email outreach programme with nurturing flows for those investors who hadn’t quite made their move yet.


In a tightly congested and expensive advertising space, we have been able to introduce hundreds of qualified high-net-worth investors to the Technology Minerals pre-IPO. For every £1 of advertising budget our client spent, we have generated £50 of investment whilst also reducing the Investor Relations team’s time spent on manual tasks through automation.

We look forward to working closely with Technology Minerals to help them fill their raise quickly with the right type of investors to bolster their future growth.

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