New Business & Generating A Customer Base

26th May 2022 |

The first focus of an ambitious and new business is growing its client base. Generating the right interest early is crucial in developing an ongoing rapport with consumers and for future success.

The world of digital marketing is changing rapidly with shifts in platforms and  increasing concerns with data and privacy. Small businesses find themselves outbid by competitors as they fight for the attention of a user base with a shorter attention span for advertising.

To get a small business’ feet off the ground there are some options to consider:


Grow An Initial Customer Base With A Growth Marketing Agency

Data Driven Growth Marketing Agencies like Lasso can focus on developing a custom audience whilst simultaneously providing unique leads to get a business started. Insights from successful campaigns can guide the future.

They can also set a good precedent for a business’ front in the digital space, with high quality web assets, ads, and messaging to increase positive brand awareness in the long term.

These leads will be unique to the business with prospective customers who have full understanding of the product or service.


Identify USPs and Hooks

Small businesses need to stand out from the competition. Understanding your audience and identifying pain points or wants/needs will enable them to create hooks that will draw consumers to the business organically. This will enable the business to turn cold leads into hot leads.


Diversify Social Platforms And Create A Digital Face


Ensuring that small businesses have the steps in place for customer acquisition includes being accessible. This includes prevalence on social media platforms and web assets that make the business.


Engaging with online conversations will facilitate repertoire with potential customers and also provide a platform for the business’ enthusiasts to endorse and promote to others, leading to long term customer acquisition.

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