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When considering the different paid channels for lead generation, the three key metrics are:

  • Accessibility to data insights
  • Reach
  • User Interface
  • Cost


Let’s look into the largest contenders for social digital campaigns:




Facebook is undoubtedly one of the largest social ad platforms on the web. For lead generation, the ability to embed a form into a promoted post removes a step in the buyer path to conversion.

Facebook provides substantial insight into the most common campaign KPIs as well as a comprehensive overview of audience engagement.

Provided you follow their advertising policies, most campaigns should run smoothly.

You are able to assign a budget to a KPI of your choice, making Facebook cost effective at face value. However, this depends on the strength of your copy & content.




ad manager’s 2019 development for the video based platform is lucrative for advertisers wishing to generate leads in a certain market.

With the industry standard level of data insights, TikTok boasts custom and dynamic creative content opportunities and promotes user engagement.

Those familiar with TikTok will find its self-serve platform useful, those new to the medium may need to recalibrate themselves with its campaign/creative structure.

In terms of cost, TikTok is potentially one of the more expensive platforms and is not a low cost alternative.

For lead generation, as the average demographic is among younger users (25 and under) some industries may not find it an effective platform.




In a similar fashion to Facebook, Youtube has the option to embed a lead form during an in-stream ad. This, again, lessens the steps a user needs to take to submit a lead gen form.

Its data reporting naturally includes standard video metrics with a direct link to Google Ads.

Although Youtube has a vast reach, to be able to use a lead gen form requires whitelisting by Google, which makes it inaccessible to small businesses.

It’s interface can be frustrating, with limited options on the lead form – adding an extra step to qualifying your leads.

Naturally, its cost is comparable to Google’s, making it averagely priced.

The lead generation market should not expect a large shift in social media platforms with Facebook continuously dominating for advertisers. However, as platforms adapt towards lead generation, it is likely that we will see certain functionalities – such as in-ad lead gen forms – added to industry followers’ self-serve platforms during 2021.

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