What Are The Different Types of Leads?

26th May 2022 |

Whether you are focusing on B2B or B2C leads, understanding the variations between leads is crucial when nurturing potential consumers to your product or service.

Understanding where consumers are in the buyer journey can help your sales team guide the customer acquisition process and lead to increased growth down the line.

Creating a relationship with prospective clients can determine their intent to buy, their means to buy, and their eligibility for your product after the initial submission of interest.

The different types of leads are as follows:


Cold Lead

These consumers fit the ideal profile, but have no purchase interest. They may have no prior knowledge of the product or company. This type engulfs up a significant portion of total leads, and can be difficult to reach.

They can, however, be nurtured into warm or even hot leads by focusing on pain-points, and how you can solve any relevant problems they may have with your product or service.


Warm Lead

These leads are aware of the product or service and are familiar with the brand. They may have previously been unable to complete a purchase potentially due to budget constraints or timing issues but have already expressed an interest.

Remembering these leads and restarting a conversation on familiar terms may be able to turn these potentials into a hot lead.


Hot Lead

These are proactive potentials who are excited to learn more about the product or service. They may have requested a demo, a portfolio, or a price card.

These leads need to be contacted quickly, as interest may fade or they may find an alternative to their immediate want/need.

These leads are the easiest to ease into a purchase, as they are actively seeking the product or similar.


Information Qualified Leads

These leads have provided their information and may fit the correct profile, but have yet to voice a specific interest in the product or service.

These leads are just starting their product research. They require further investigation; to learn their needs/wants, likes/dislikes. If they have been attracted by previous content, you may be able to recommend similar in order to pique their interest and turn them towards a purchase.


Marketing Qualified Leads

These leads are actively investigating how a service may help them. They may fit the profile of a client but also be looking at alternatives.

They are interested in exploring the product or service more, and may need nurturing to push them into a prospect.


Sales Qualified Leads

These leads are ready to be passed to a sales representative. These types are in the final stage of the decision making process and will be finalising their options.

SQLs should be considered ‘hot’ and acted upon after identity verification.

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